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 Snoozers Bamboo Sleepwear Snoozers Bamboo Sleepwear Made from Natural Bamboo.....

Super soft and luxurious, fabric made from bamboo also has healthy benefits because of natural wicking properties and
thermal regulation resulting in your knowing that  in Snoozers, your child will have a comfortable and restful sleep.

We make every effort to use the softest, best quality fabrics and keep your child safe.

All Snoozers garments conform to the strict standards set out by the Canadian Sleepwear Regulations Act.



Comfortable and stretchy, theses two-piece long pajamas with contrast flatlock stitching detail come in:

Size 3, 4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10



Breathable and lightweight, these two-piece pajamas with contrast flatlock stitching detail come in:

Size 3, 4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10

Long Oatmeal Bamboo PJLong Oatmeal Bamboo PJ




-Are Fully Sustainable

-Regenerate in 55 days

-Require No Pesticides

-Require Little Irrigation   

- Are Biodegradable     


RAYON FROM BAMBOO NATURALLY.....                                 

 -Has a Natural Lustre

-Has a Beautiful Drape

-Is Soft to the Touch

-Is Machine Washable

-Lightweight & Comfortable


Oatmeal Bamboo Short PJOatmeal Bamboo Short PJ


Girls OatmealLong PJGirls OatmealLong PJ#PJL/IP 

PJ PackagingPJ PackagingTruly sustainable,

packaged in a re-usable

matching fabric bag &easily displayed

in a basket or hung

on a hook ! 

PJ PackagingPJ Packaging

Girls Oatmeal Short PJGirls Oatmeal Short PJ 



Blue Bamboo Short PJ