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Timea Hynes the founder and designer of Timeke Funktional Kids Wear, has been designing kids clothing and accessories for over 20 years. 

Timeke designs and produces in Canada the Snoozers Brand of Sleepwear along with a great line of micro fleece baby caps, receiving blankets and hand knit caps.  The caps and blankets make a warm and practical gift set that any parent would be happy to receive.

Our Timeke blankets include the best selling “Toastie Toes” arctic fleece blanket.  Remember the blanket the little toes kept peeking out from?  Timea  has designed an innovative and comfortable blanket that will solve this problem.  The Toastie Toes blanket enables you to easily slip an infant into this soft cuddly arctic fleece blanket and wrap them up to keep tender feet warm for a walk to the car or a walk in the park, without the worries of loosing shoes.  Ideal for a stroller, car seat, baby carrier and more!  It comes in a variety of great colours and prints.

Now we have introduced the New Waterproof Version of the Toastie Toes!

The consumer reporter for Global TV featured The Toastie Toes blanket as “The Best Gift Giving Item” for kids!

The Timeke product line offers your customers quality and peace of mind when shopping for their precious little ones.

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